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Heating / Cooling Spiral System
Continuous Heating
(steam or hot water shower)

Cooling Spiral Freezer
(cool air or cool water shower)

Heating / Cooling Spiral System

A heating and cooling system that easily covers
heat sterilization, refrigeration, and freezing


  • Packed hamburger steak

    hamburger steak

  • Packed stew

    Packed stew

  • Packed sweet and sour pork

    Packed sweet and
    sour pork

  • Packed crab stick

    Packed crab stick


Continuous operation from heating to cooling and freezing

Operating this as one continuous automated line system will save power, labor, and space.

Can freely combine heating/
cooling methods for heating,
chilling, and freezing

Heating and cooling are uniformized with a system configuration that freely combines
heating/cooling methods using air, water, or a mixture of both according to product
characteristics, installation conditions, or other.

Greatly improved sanitation

Heat insulation protection has a welded stainless-steel structure, which prevents breakage
and frost heaving of panel joints. Washability has also been improved by rounding
the folded parts.

  • Greatly improved sanitation

Drive mechanism fundamentally improved

This uses the direct-drive system from the roof space. Grease will not adhere to
the product and there is no interference with cleaning/inspection.

A monitoring system for reassurance at all times

The control panel can serve as a monitoring device, saving all data including service
history, temperature history, alert history, and operating history.